Roaring Jack Set Lists - Undated, 1991

So, what are all those asterisks?

Well, if I remember correctly, an asterisk meant that Alistair Hulett was sanctioned by the rest of the band to have a little chat between songs! Those of you who saw Roaring Jack live, or who have seen Alistair Hulett play recently, will know that Alistair loves to talk about his songs, and about current events and politics. So much so that the other boys got impatient sometimes to move along to the next song.

I foolishly neglected to write the date on the back of this one, so I can’t be too sure when this gig took place. Judging by the song content, it has to be about 1991. And since it was only one set, this gig couldn’t have been at the Sandringham. It might have been at the Illinois Hotel, which (according to my prodigious gig list) makes it either 12 April 1991 or 6 July 1991.

Wall of Death
No Recession in Vaucluse
Suicide Town
Among Proddy Dogs and Papes
Girl on a Gate
Ways of a Rover
Bell of Justice
Talking to Ghosts
House (??? Not sure about this one – AC)
Lass From Yarrow
Ever So Humble
In the Days of ‘49
Her Latest Affectation
Ball of Yarn
Cat Among the Pigeons
(We Don’t Play No) Elton Fucking John
Polythene Flowers
Lass Behind the Beertaps
Just Like Cigarettes
A Stranger and a Friend
Buy Us a Drink
Bonnie Wee Well
Honky Tonks in Heaven
Uisge Beatha
Dicey Riley

First Encore:
The Old Divide and Rule
Lads of the BLF
A New England

Second Encore:
Go, Leave
The Leaving of Liverpool.

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