Roaring Jack Set Lists - 27 March 1989

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This one comes from a Roaring Jack show at the Annandale Hotel in suburban Sydney, 27 March 1989. The Annandale's stage back then was a lot smaller than today's, and was located down at the somewhat distracting 'Parramatta Road end' of the pub! This is what was played:


The Thin Red Line
The Old Divide and Rule
Crooked Jack
Honky Tonks in Heaven
The Day That the Boys Came Down
Lights of Sydney Town
Whistle at the Window
Walk in the Room
Go, Leave
Plains of Maralinga
Bonny Wee Well


Ways of a Rover
Polythene Flowers
Moving On
Ever So Humble
Erie Canal
Playing for the Traffic
To Have and Have Not
Uisge Beatha
Jack Dandy
Destitution Road
The Cat Among the Pigeons


Bastards from the Bush
Buy Us a Drink
Pissed on Monday
Shell Shocked Crowd
Lass Behind the Beertaps
(We Don't Play No) Elton Fucking John
Child's Play
Wild Rover Again
A New England
Dicey Riley
Lads of the BLF


Bell of Justice
Leaving of Liverpool.