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'Well, it was sitting there on the front of the stage, and the band just would have thrown it out anyway ...'

For reasons unknown (drunkenness? stupidity? boredom?), I used to collect bands' set lists at the end of gigs. I have a nice little collection from many different bands. But since I have seen Roaring Jack play live more than any other band, I guess that's why I have so many of their set lists.

I will be adding copies of various Roaring Jack set lists to these pages, and listing in full the songs they played on a particular night. This will give the drunken, stupid and bored out there some idea of the stuff Roaring Jack played and how they progressed over time.

The little beauty at the top of this page is from a Roaring Jack gig I caught at the University of Adelaide on 24 February 1989. For the record, the list may be interpreted as follows:

The Old Divide and Rule
To Have and Have Not
Uisge Beatha
Buy Us A Drink
Playing for the Traffic
Bell of Justice
Walk In the Room
Lights of Sydney Town
Moving On
Honky Tonks in Heaven
Bonny Wee Well
Shell Shocked Crowd
Lads of the BLF
Cat Among the Pigeons
(We Don't Play No) Elton Fucking John
Destitution Road
Child's Play
Ever So Humble
Bastards From the Bush
Poor Old Dicey Riley
A New England


The Lass Behind the Beertaps
Polythene Flowers
Dirty Old Town.

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