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I am creating a library of articles relating to Roaring Jack and/or to its former members. Click on the following links to read the articles I have added so far. Be sure to check back regularly to see what's been added this week.

Efforts have been made to locate the owner of copyright in each article. Please contact me if you can assist me with my copyright enquiries, or if you have any other articles I can use.

'Roaring Jack's music' by Warren Jones (1987)
'Roaring Jack puts the Cat Among The Pigeons' by Richard Roberts(1988)
'More than a whisper' by Susan Ryan (1987)
Review by Jo Poidevin of harbour cruise to launch Street Celtabillity (1987)
'Swirl o' the Celt' By Shaefer (1988)
A mixed review of The Cat Among the Pigeons by Jo Poidevin (1989)
Clinton Walker trashes The Cat Among the Pigeons and misses the point completely (1989)
'The personal Roaring Jack' by Michael Smith (1991)
'Jack Roars Free Anderson' by Geoffrey Forrester (1991)
'The Jack Roars Back' by Michael Smith (1995)
Sean McGhee interview with Alistair Hulett (1996)
Robert Dunstan interview with Alistair Hulett, February 1998
Andy Carr's email interview with Alistair Hulett, March 2002
Review of Alistair Hulett at the Harp, Tempe, 5 April 2002 by Andy Carr
Robert Dunstan interview with Alistair Hulett, February 2001
Brian Gillespie's review of The Complete Works (2003)
Brian Gillespie interview with Alistair Hulett, January 2005

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