Roaring Jack - Unreleased Original Songs

Here is my list of original Roaring Jack songs which were either unrecorded or unreleased.

A single asterisk accompanies songs which were released later as solo recordings by Alistair Hulett. Double asterisks denote songs recorded later by Alistair Hulett and Dave Swarbrick.

Among Proddy Dogs and Papes * **

Bastards from the Bush

Bell of Justice

Ever So Humble

In the Days of '49 **

Pissed on Monday

Plains of Maralinga *

The Pride of Mary Hell

Room Full of Mirrors

Rules of the Game

Sons of Liberty **

Suicide Town * **

Talking to Ghosts

The Tattie Liftin' ** (recorded as The Tattie Howkin')

There is No Recession in Vaucluse

Time for an Explanation

(We Don't Play No) Elton Fucking John

Whistle at the Window

Some of the titles may not be exact, as they exist only on scrawled set lists and in my memory!

Email me with any additions or corrections.

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Last updated 24 March 2002