Roaring Jack Flyers - 25 January 1988

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Not all Australians joined in all the flag waving and self-congratulation in the Bicentennial year. Roaring Jack held a show on the eve of the massive Australia Day celebrations to air their views on the event. In case the small print above cannot be read, this is what it says:

Firstly a message from Roaring Jack:

Australia Day marks the two hundredth anniversary of the arrival of Artie 'Scumbag' Phillip and his gang of redcoated bullyboys, to dump the first shipload of impoverished casualties of British domestic imperialism on the shores of Aboriginal land.

Historical records attest that from that day on, tens of thousands of working class Celts and Saxons were subjected to levels of cruelty that Pinochet and his cronies have only dreamed of.

When those who survived were sufficiently brutalised, they were unleashed on black Australia to inflict on them the atrocities learnt first-hand from their toffee-nosed masters.

To turn a re-enactment of this holocaust into a celebration should be as distasteful to the Anglo-Celtic working class as it is to our Koori brothers and sisters.